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Buis Beef

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Bloomfield Road at the 401. 7792 Seventh Line East, Chatham Ontario.

Tel. 519 352 5789 
Email mike@buisbeef.ca


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Beef Direct from the Farm

Our beef is hand selected from the best of our mixed herd. It is raised in an environmentally friendly manner with the cattle grazing our local fields and pastures and finished on a corn  based diet. This means the best of grass fed and corn fed beef.

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About Us

With 3 generations of farming experience behind us, we continue to innovate utilizing sustainable, environmentally friendly farming techniques combined with ultrasound technology to provide our customers with the highest quality of direct from the farm beef.

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Contact Us

Bloomfield Road at the 401. 7792 Seventh Line East, Chatham Ontario.
Tel. 519 352 5789 
Email mike@buisbeef.ca

Open Thurs and Fri 10 to 6 Sat 10 to 2 

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**PLEASE NOTE: In order to maintain the highest standards and quality of beef, we do not supply any company claiming to sell our beef. or claiming to resell our beef.
Please visit our store if you want to purchase our beef.

Stop by our Buis Beef store this weekend and enrich your week with farm fresh beef.



What our Customers are Saying

"So glad I found this place! The best beef ever! And it feels good supporting local farmers too, and you know you're getting fresh meat and you see where the animals are being raised. I've so far tried their ground beef, rib eye steak and blade steak, and pepperettes, AMAZING! the taste is so good! The owner Joanne I believe her name is, is very friendly, great customer service! I will never buy meat from food basics, superstore, Walmart or anywhere again, only here. And the prices? Very reasonable :) "
Nicole Ramseyer

In the News

Mike Buis

Beef Innovation Wins Premier’s Award

Putting ultrasound technology to good use has earned a Chatham-Kent beef farm a Premier’s award for innovation. Mike and Joanne Buis have been using the ultrasound to determine the best marketing dates for their on-farm beef retail business. The system allows a “best before” date to be assigned to each animal at birth, and this knowledge is helping the producers increase control of their product at all times. It has also enabled the farm to reduce overall feeding costs and inefficiencies and boost retail sales and customer satisfaction...

Ultra Sound Technology

Taking hi-tech by the horns

The laptop computer looked somewhat out of place inside this rustic barn. However, Buis Beef has no problem doing things a little differently.

The cattle farm, located on the outskirts of Chatham, uses ultrasound to determine the fat marbling of an animal, as well as predict the optimal day to market it.

Mike Buis and his wife, Joanne, were recently among the regional winners of the Premier's Awards for Agri-Food Innovation.

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Cattle in the Snow

Look for snow on cattle's backs

As the winter season is here in Chatham-Kent, let's look at cattle being left outside during these cold months. For this article, the words cattle, cows, herd, and livestock all mean the same thing. I would like to thank Mike and Joanne Buis of Buis Beef here in Chatham-Kent for their assistance in writing this article.

Like all mammals, cows are warm-blooded and need to maintain a constant core body temperature. Special management and planning is required for cattle to graze outdoors in the winter.

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Bloomfield Road at the 401.
7792 Seventh Line East, Chatham Ontario.

519 352 5789



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