About Buis Beef

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About Buis Beef

Beef direct from the farm raised from birth on our pastures and fields without antibiotics or hormones

We are a third generation family farm south of Chatham Ontario. We have a mixed farming operation with vegetable crops (sweet-corn, green beans) and field crops (corn and beans & wheat) as well as a herd of 350 beef cows. We are known as an innovative farm as we are not afraid to try new operational techniques.

We have a herd of 350 cows. We raise, finish and sell our beef in our retail store. We do not injected hormones or antibiotics in our meat, and there are no additives.Every animal can be fully traced with an individual ID tag and we use ultrasound for fat and marbling content.

Farming for three generations

3 generations at Buis Beef Ranch


Our Store

Buis Beef Store


Premium Quality Beef since 2009

In 2009 we opened the Buis Beef retail store on the farm to promote our beef and farm with all of its farming practices.

We also participate in field trials and always share our stories and experiences with bus tours, local college beef classes and many interested rural and urban consumers.

We hand pick only the best cattle from our mixed herd for our store to maintain the premium quality beef that can only be found fresh from the farm.

Stop by our Buis Beef store this weekend and enrich your week with farm fresh beef.


Get in Touch

Bloomfield Road at the 401.
7792 Seventh Line East, Chatham Ontario.

519 352 5789



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