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Our cattle are raised from birth on our pastures and fields without antibiotics or hormones

Our farm operation is unique in that our location has forced change upon us. In the past we had brought calves in from western Canada and housed them in barns for finishing.

Our climate is very different with the rain and humidity. When our operation switched to cow-calf we needed more pasture land. The price of land being very high in this area dictated to us the fact that we had to double crop our fields somehow.

We have experimented with cover crops and vegetable crops for grazing and used the long seasons to our advantage. With vegetable crops planted later in the season the cows can pasture the cover crops and calve in these fields instead of in barns. This creates a very healthy environmentally sustainable system to raise young cattle.

Cows and Calves

Our Cattle


Ultrasound technology to ensure top quality

Ultrasound in use





Ultrasound technology used to ensure premium qualtiy

Once the calves are weaned they are placed on a corn based diet to enhance flavor and tenderness. We do not inject hormones or antibiotics. We also ultrasound technology to determine back fat and marbling levels which predicts our optimum harvest date and selects the premium beef for our customers.


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