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Beef direct from the farm raised from birth on our pastures and fields without antibiotics or hormones

Our retail meat is 100% natural.

There are NO antibiotics, hormones or additives. From birth to beef it is raised on our farm.

All our meat is sold frozen and wrapped in brown freezer paper. You are welcome to bring your own bags and coolers .

Roasts vary in size from two to five pounds to serve your needs. Steaks are cut ¾ in thickness and individually wrapped. Limited supply of 1” steaks.


Individually Wrapped Beef for your Convenience

3 generations at Buis Beef Ranch


Premium Quality Beef since 2009

Our Selections




Ground Beef

Blade roast

eye of round steak


eye round roast

 moc tenderloin

Soup Bone

Lean Ground Beef

rib roast

rib eye steak


Regular Ground Beef

rump roast

round steak


Hamburg Patties 8/4oz

Sirloin tip roast

t bone steak

Brazing Ribs

Hamburg Patties 48/4oz

Prime Rib Roast

tenderloin steak


Hamburg Patties 5/6oz

Round Roast

Top sirloin steak


Hamburg Patties 30/6oz


sirloin steak




Sirloin tip steak




Blade Steak


Buy Bulk and Save! Order sides and quarters today!

Side: Av. 300lb

Quarter Av. 150lb

Prices for Quarters and Sides are set in the spring of each year. Total weight includes the whole animal, so final weight will differ. (some of the weight is bones or skin and fat that are trimmed before you take it home)

When you place your order, you will be notified 2 weeks before to learn about cutting instructions and arrange pick up dates

Payment in installments is possible, but final payment must be made before the meat leaves the store. Cash and debit are accepted at the Buis Beef Store


Things to consider for cutting instructions

  1. Number of steaks per package
  2. Preferred size of roast
  3. Do you want the heart, liver, tongue and oxtail?
  4. Do you want the soup bones?
  5. Ground beef can be divided into 1lb packages or patties
  6. The meat will be wrapped in brown freezer paper, but each cut will be stamped on the package.
  7. Occasionally we will have a quarter beef boxed in the store ready without special order, since the other 3/4 was sold


Individually Wrapped Beef for your Convenience



Stop by our Buis Beef store this weekend and enrich your week with farm fresh beef. Or visit Patrick's Produce for garden fresh vegetables!


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7792 Seventh Line East, Chatham Ontario.

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